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My favourite slow-cooker meals

I want to hug whoever invented the slow cooker! Many Days it enables me to nourish myself and my family with a healthy evening meal despite a hectic schedule. And who doesn’t love coming home to a hot meal on these cold nights? Here are a few of my favourite, healthy one-pot-wonders: Pumpkin and red […]

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Plum, pear & blueberry crumble with maple nut crust

            Delicious. Healthy. Easy. Versatile. What’s not to love about this yummy dessert? It can be made in individual ramekins or a large dish, with any seasonal fruit you have handy.    Recipe Stewed fruit: Slice about 10 plums and 3 pears, leaving the skin on, and cook over medium heat until soft, […]

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Healthy Eating on the Go

We all have those frantic days where grabbing takeaway seems like the only viable dinner option! One of the most common dietary pitfalls I see is people turning to nutritionally poor take-aways on a far too regular basis. Now, enjoying an occasional pizza is no problem, but it shouldn’t be part of your weekly menu… […]

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Lentil Burgers with Guacamole

I love nourishing my family with healthy, delicious meals, and this is one you’ve got to try. Lentil Burgers with guacamole Burger ingredients: (makes 12) 1 tin lentils, drained and well rinsed 5 eggs 1 medium tin of tuna in olive oil, drained 1T wholegrain mustard 1 onion, finely diced 1C baby spinach leaves 3 […]

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Mini Cherry Almond Cakes

I’ve done lots of experimenting with cherries from our backyard over the last few weeks, and this is one of the success stories. They are quick, healthy and delicious. A win in my book! Cherry almond cakes Ingredients: 1.5 C almonds, ground 3 eggs 2 T olive oil 2-3 T honey generous shake of cinnamon […]

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Tasting Plates

One of my favorite things to do is feed people; family, friends, myself! I think enjoying a tasty and healthy meal together is time very well spent. I don’t think spending hours to make it is though! Enter the tasting plate. Ready in 10-15 minutes, looks fantastic, can be really healthy, and FUN. The starring […]

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Fruit, nut and seed balls

Fruit, nut and seed balls – a healthy and filling little snack! Ingredients: 15 pitted prunes 1/3 C raw almonds 1/4 C mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds 1 T Chia seeds 1.5 T Cacao nibs or pure cocoa powder Touch of vanilla paste or essence Desiccated coconut for tolling balls in Method: 1) Blitz prunes in […]

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Baked eggs

I love interesting breakfasts. And here’s one of my new fav’s. It’s a healthy meal to start the day with; packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, plus lots of fibre and protein to keep you full until lunch. Baked Eggs 1) In an oven proof pan, sauté onion and garlic in a little olive oil. […]

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