Summer Salad Cheat Sheet

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Who said salads were boring and not filling? Not me! Why not try a few of these ideas and make yourself an irresistible, nutritious, and filling meal?

Step 1: Start with at least 3 cups of Colourful Veggies

Step 2: Add about 1 cup of Protein (why not try a combination from the list below) Step 3: Add about ½-1 cup of Low GI Carbohydrate  Step 4: Add about ¼ cup healthy Fat Step 5: Whip-up some  delicious dressing from the following
Any variety of lettuce Boiled eggs Chick peas Avocado Extra virgin olive oil
Baby spinach Feta Lentils Nuts Tahini
Rocket Left-over BBQ’d meat Beans Sunflower seeds Flax seed oil
Chinese cabbage Left-over roast meat. Quinoa Pepitas Macadamia oil
Red cabbage Tinned tuna Corn Pine nuts White/red wine vinegar
Celery Tinned salmon Cold sweet potato Olives Apple cider vinegar
Cucumber Grated parmesan Pumpkin Sesame seeds Fresh herbs
Carrots Grilled tofu Fresh fruit (e.g., mango, peach, strawberries)   Mustard
Capsicum BBQ chicken Cold pasta   Lemon/Lime juice
Tomato   Pearl couscous   Pepper
Snow peas       Balsamic vinegar
Fresh herbs        
Green beans        

 What other delicious additions do you add to your salads?

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