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I love to have a plan. Correction. I need to have a plan. Drives my husband nuts! But the festive season, sometimes called the “eating season”, is one time of year that it really pays to have a plan.  I’d love you to feel even more fabulous after Christmas than you do now, not lethargic and regretful! These seven tips should help!

1)      Keep active! Exercise is not only important for keeping our bodies healthy but it’s also paramount for our mental health as well. So, do all you can this festive season, to fit-in that 30 min brisk walk, jog, swim, dance, spin class, game of touch-footy, bush-walk, mountain climb, snorkel, beach walk, cycle etc, each day. Exercise is an invaluable stress-busting tool at this time of year. Better than food. Better than alcohol.

 2)      Enjoy the foods you love! You don’t have to eat everything just because it’s on offer. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. If mince pies, potato salad and trifle aren’t your thing, pass them up, and go for the things you really love.  Paradoxically, by choosing indulgences we really love, rather than settling for whatever is at hand, we feel more satisfied and generally eat less. Pass me the scorched almonds please!

3)      Eat lots of veggies! At each meal fill half of your plate with leafy greens and other colourful non-starchy veggies.

4)      Stop grazing! If you find yourself grazing or eating when you’re not hungry, simply because the food is there, or because you are tired, or stressed, or bored, or lonely, or happy…  step away from the food! You need to get into a different space and do something different, until your brain registers that it is not meal time. Try watering  the garden, pulling out weeds, or creating a glow in the dark walkways for it, tweeting, doing the washing, enjoying a cup of mint tea, going for a run, walking the dog, catching-up with your partner, or playing with the kids.

5)      Watch the alcohol! When you arrive at a party, start with a water or mineral water and have another water or mineral water in between each alcoholic drink.

6)      And the snacks! Steer clear of pastry, chips and lollies; your body will thank you.

7)      Christmas is just one day! We will probably all over-indulge on that day. No big deal.  It is what happens over the surrounding month that really matters when it comes to weight management.

Have a fabulous Christmas and stay safe everyone,

Eucale  xx

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Eucale is a passionate Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) who loves food and helping people maxamise their health. She is also a wife and mum and enjoys cooking, running, gardening, and bushwalking.

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